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Emmanuel and his siblings are transported from a homecoming party to a fantastical world of Dragons and Castles. 

They must work together to find their way home. 


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The Mighty Camazotz

Miguel sets out to the underworld to find Cacao which he believes has the healing properties he needs to save his father.


Former mariachi singer Gustavo Plata has 5 days to catch the Red Witch or lose his soul to an ancient Aztec god.

loteria#1 cover.jpg

A group of teens must confront their past if they want to survive the night. 


Once famous wrestler turned failed actor must choose between his craft and providing for his family.


Estranged father and son are groomed as a sacrifice to an ancient monster by a terrified town.

Mile High Fright

Terror takes to the skies in this tale of artifact theft and ancient gods. Join archeologist Denver Jack as brings home an ancint coffin belonging to Camazotz the Mayan blood god. 

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